Defence Studies


Defense Studies Department


Tenured Professors

·         Slobodan Mišović, PhD, professor

·         Miloje Cvetković, PhD, professor

·         Milan Mijalkovski, PhD, associate professor

·         Zoran Kilibarda, PhD, associate professor

·         Zoran Jeftić, PhD, assistant professor

·         Ilija Kajtez, PhD, assistant professor

Instructors and Teaching Assistants

·         Violeta Jovanović, instructor trainee

·         Vanja Rokvić, instructor trainee



Courses in Basic Academic and Undergraduate Studies

  • Regional Geography
  • Defense Systems
  • Civil Defense Systems
  • Geopolitics and Defense
  • Defense Doctrines
  • Non-Violence Doctrines
  • Combat Systems and Means
  • Intelligence and Security Services
  • Civil and Military Relations
  • Defense Law
  • Defense System Management

Courses in postgraduate – MA – studies

  • Geopolitical Perspectives of the Modern World
  • Peace-Keeping and Humanitarian Operations

Courses in Doctoral Studies

  • Contemporary Systems of Collective Defense
  • Geopolitical Aspects of National Defense



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