Master’s Degree Studies

In the contemporary complex national, regional and global security environment filled with numerous multidimensional contemporary security challenges, risks and threats, existing clichés and stereotypes in approaching the state and society have proved insufficient. There is a need to approach many a security phenomenon in a creative way in order to enhance the body of theoretical knowledge and improve security practice. To that goal, the Master’s Degree Programme at the Faculty of Security Studies is designed to educate future members of the academia and scientific community who will be committed to the study and advancement of security studies.

The goal of the master’s degree programme is to educate Masters of Security Studies – security managers who have acquired a range of interdisciplinary knowledge and skills and who will further pursue their academic careers. To that goal, this programme aims to provide them with creative managerial, security, theoretical and methodological skills that will enable them to critically analyse security issues, cooperate within a team, communicate with others and acquire specific skills essential for their successful professional and academic development. Consequently, upon completing the course, Masters of Security Studies will have acquired the knowledge and skills essential for their academic and research work and achievements within security studies.

Students will be prepared to design and conduct their own original research after gaining in-depth knowledge of security studies, on the one hand, and of relevant scientific methodology, on the other.

In their final part of the programme, students will prepare their master dissertation – the result of an independent and original research, within which they will apply the knowledge they have acquired during this programme. It may be considered a preparatory step, leading them potentially to the next academic level –doctoral degree programme.

The goal of this programme is to educate students who will become Masters of Security Studies – security managers and who will be able to further advance and excel within academic environment in the field of national and corporate security, defence, civil protection and environmental protection, human and material resources, and civil and military sectors. This master’s degree programme is designed to enable students to acquire knowledge, competences and skills in accordance with the development needs of their country and society so as to further enhance theoretical and academic achievements.