In accordance with the Law on Higher Education, the Faculty’s Statute and other regulations, the Faculty of Security Studies offers the following types of studies:

  1. Undergraduate studies – first-level studies,
  2. Specialist postgraduate studies – second-level studies,
  3. Master’s degree studies – second-level studies
  4. Doctoral degree studies – third-level studies.

These studies are delivered according to the curriculum delivery plan adopted by the Academic Council. The delivery plan is published at the beginning of the semester and is available to the public on the Faculty’s website.

Study programmes are groups of compulsory and elective courses (study areas) with general contents which enable students to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to complete a degree at the appropriate level and type of studies. The study programmes are proposed by the Academic Council and adopted by the University Senate.

The Faculty organizes and delivers the undergraduate programme over the course of the academic year which begins on 1 October and ends the following calendar year on 30 September. Master’s degree, specialist postgraduate and doctoral degree programmes are realized over the course of the academic year which begins on 1 November and ends the following calendar year on 31 October.

Each course in the study programme is assigned a number of ECTS credits, whose sum represents the total workload of the studies. 60 ECTS credits correspond to an average of 40 working hours per week over the course of one academic year.