Contemporary Security Studies

Savremene studije bezbednosti/Contemporary Security Studies

Savremene studije bezbednosti/Contemporary Security Studies is the prominent scientific journal of the Faculty of Security Studies (University of Belgrade) aimed at dynamic and thematically focused informing and provision of up-to-date knowledge from theory and practice in Security Studies. The Journal publishes up-to-date scientific articles that make substantial contribution to the development of ideas and improvement of security practice, and focus on theoretical, methodological, and empirical research within the following areas of study – global/international, regional, and national security; and topics – strategic, urban, human, corporate, and ecological security.

Manuscripts are submitted through a system for journals online editing and publishing, Assistant of Serbian Citation Index (SCIndeks). Visit Assistant to login in or register an account, and submit your manuscript.

Submission deadlines are June 1st and November 1st, 2021.

Papers should be prepared in accordance with the Author Guidelines on the Journal page within the SCIndeks system.