Undergraduate Studies

The undergraduate study programme aims to develop and enhance our students’ academic and professional competencies necessary for working in the areas of defence, protection, security, and human and social resources management in the civil sector, in central, regional and local government, large-scale enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises and private companies, academic, research and professional institutions, as well as educational centres, the non-profit sector, humanitarian organizations, inspection services, the media, etc.

Our students therefore require knowledge about contemporary international relations and institutions, human rights, continued/coordinated development, security systems, crisis situation theories and peace processes, the democratic oversight of the use of force, contemporary threats to human beings, goods, resources and ecosystems, and other relevant elements of contemporary integral security.

Employing an interdisciplinary approach, the undergraduate study programme is conceptualized in such a way as to contribute to the development of civil society in terms of security (overall, national, individual), protection (environmental protection and protection from disasters, chemical incidents, as well as medical and social protection) and defence (from contemporary threats), and human and social resources management.

With the implementation of the Bologna and Prague declarations on the standardization of European higher education in our undergraduate study programs, the Faculty has bridged the gap between Serbian and global educational standards to give our students easier access to European education programmes, assessment, and knowledge and degree transfer.

First-level (undergraduate) studies are available to students who have completed a four-year secondary education and passed the entrance exam.