Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate Degree Programme – Security Studies

The Undergraduate Degree Programme – Security Studies aims to develop and enhance the academic and professional competences of future security managers for a wide variety of jobs in national, environmental, corporate and strategic security, government, local self-government, economic systems, businesses, the private sector, academic and research institutions, civil society, international and humanitarian organizations, the media, etc.

Students will gain these competences by exploring contemporary international relations and institutions, human rights, continued/coordinated development, security systems, crisis management and peace process theories, democratic control of the use of force, contemporary threats to lives, property, resources and ecosystems, and other relevant elements of contemporary comprehensive security.

The undergraduate degree programme employs an interdisciplinary approach and it is designed to promote the development of civil society in terms of security (overall, national, individual), protection (environmental protection and disaster protection, chemical incidents protection, health and social protection), defence (from contemporary threats), and human and social resources management.

First-level (undergraduate) degree programmes are available to students who have completed four-years of secondary education and passed the entrance exam.