Deans and Vice Deans

As the administrative body, the Dean manages and represents the Faculty in accordance with his or her authority. The Dean:

  • organizes, coordinates and manages the Faculty’s affairs;
  • represents the Faculty and acts on its behalf of;
  • proposes the Faculty’s management policy and measures to implement it;
  • implements the decisions of the Faculty Council;
  • sets in motion the implementation of the Faculty’s financial plan;
  • appoints members of committees and other bodies whose task is to analyze and address certain matters in their authority;
  • signs the Faculty’s undergraduate and postgraduate degrees together with the University’s Rector;
  • ensures and bears responsibility for the legality of the Faculty’s affairs;
  • enters into contracts on behalf of the Faculty;
  • convenes sessions of the Academic Council and Electoral Council, conducts those sessions and sees to the implementation of their decisions;
  • enters into a collective agreement in accordance with the law;
  • conducts other activities in accordance with the law, the Statute and other regulations.

The Vice Deans assist the Dean in coordinating and managing the Faculty’s work in relevant areas and conduct other activities for which the Dean grants them authority.