Civil Protection and Enviromental Protection Studies


Civil Protection and Environment Protection Studies Department


Tenured Professors

·         Ivica Radović, PhD, Professor

·         Vladimir Jakovljević, PhD, Professor

·         Zoran ÄŒvorović, PhD, Assistant Professor

·         Dejana Dimitrijević, PhD, Assistant Professor

Contract Professors

·         SlaÄ‘ana Jović, PhD, Associate Professor

Instructors and Teaching Assistants

·         Milica Bošković, MA, Instructor

·         Jasmina Gačić, MA, Instructor

·         Marija Kovandžić, Instructor Trainee

·         Marina Antić, Teaching Assistant



Courses in Basic Academic and Undergraduate Studies

  • Basics of Ecology
  • Civil Protection
  • Environment Protection
  • Social Ecology
  • Zoning and Protection
  • Health and Social Protection
  • Monitoring and Protection
  • Ecological Safety
  • Industrial Safety and Protection
  • Protection Management

Courses in postgraduate – MA – studies

  • Globalization and Environment Protection
  • Natural Resources and Cultural Goods Protection

Courses in Doctoral Studies

  • Environmental Risk and Crisis Management
  • Development, Conflicts and the Environment

Courses in Specialist Studies

  • Crisis Management in Industry and Power Supply Systems



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