The Terms of Studying

The general terms of studying at the University of Belgrade can be found at The following pages contain the rules for the Faculty of Security Studies.

  • Enrollment
  • Yearly Registration and Renewal
  • Terms of Studying
  • Master's Degree Enrollment
  • Specialist Studies Enrollment
  • Doctoral Degree Enrollment


Student status is acquired by enrolling in the Faculty. A student can have the status of:

  • a student financed from the state budget (a budget student)
  • a student who finances himself/herself (a self-financed student)

In 2008/2009, The Faculty of Security Studies enrolls two groups of students in the first year of the basic studies – students financed from the budget of the Republic of Serbia and students who finance themselves according to the quota approved by the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

Candidates of both sexes with a completed four-year high school education (regardless of the type) have a right to enroll in the first year of the basic studies.

The enrollment candidates are required to take an entrance examination.

The entrance examination for the first year of the basic studies in the school year 2008/2009 consists of the following high-school subjects:

  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Ecology

Candidates can choose two of the three offered subjects from which to take the entrance examination.

The Faculty organizes entrance examination preparatory classes for these subjects.

The preparatory classes is organizes at the Faculty in April and May (on weekends) and in June (on workdays). The projected preparatory classes number is 25 per subject. The candidates can attend classes in only one subject with a total number of 25 classes. The preparatory classes fee is 12,600 RSD i.e. 6,300 RSD for one subject.

The candidates take knowledge tests consisting of thirty questions (each question carries one point). The total number of points in the knowledge test is 60 (30 + 30).

The knowledge test is based on the following high-school textbooks:

  • Ekologija i zaštita životne sredine, Ivo Savić i Veljko Terzija, za I razred srednjih stručnih škola, izdanje 2005. ili novije;
  • Psihologija, Nikola Rot i Slavoljub Radonjić, za II razred gimnazije, izdanje 1995. ili novije, str 1-93 i 107-263 ; i
  • Sociologija, Milovan Mitrović i Sreten Petrović, za III razred stručnih škola i IV razred gimnazije, izdanje 1999. ili novije.

The ranking of the candidates for the first year is determined based on the high-school GPA and the results achieved at the entrance examination.

The high-school GPA is a sum of average grades from all the subjects in the first, second, third, and fourth year in high-school multiplied by 2 (two). Based on this, a candidate can gather a minimum of 16 i.e. a maximum of 40 points. The GPA score is rounded to two decimals.

The results of the examination bring 0 to 60 points.

The Faculty forms a joint list according to the total number of points of each candidate using these predetermined conditions. Candidates can win a maximum of 100 points. The candidates' rankings determine whether they can be enrolled in the basic studies and whether they will be financed from the budget or whether they will pay a scholarship as self-financed students. The entrance examination is the same for all candidates and they are offered the possibility of enrolling in the basic academic or basic undergraduate studies according to their place in the list.

All the dates that refer to the candidates' application, the entrance examinations, and the enrollment will be duly published in the paper notice of the Ministry of Education and Sports of the Republic of Serbia.

The candidates are required to bring a personal ID or a passport to the entrance examination.

Candidates can be exempt from the entrance examination and enroll in the first year on terms stipulated by the Law on Higher Education and the Faculty Statute.


The required documents will be admitted in accordance with the Notice of the Faculty of Security Studies in Belgrade, in 50 Gospodara Vučića Street. The candidates are required to bring in copies of the documents and to present the original documents for inspection. The copies of the documents are not returned to the candidates.

Candidates are required to bring:

  • an application form of the Faculty of Security Studies
  • a first, second, third, and fourth high-school grade certificates containing the GPA rounded to two decimals
  • a high-school certificate
  • a birth certificate
  • a proof of payment of the entrance examination fee (the amount will be posted on the website and the notice board of the Faculty)


On the day of the application, the candidates will receive a detailed schedule of all the admission procedures.

Documents required for the admission are:

  • two application forms ŠV20 and two semester forms for the school year 2008/2009 (these forms are obtained at the Faculty);
  • original high-school certificates from the first, second, third, and fourth grades with a GPA rounded to two decimals;
  • the original high-school certificate;
  • birth certificate;
  • student book (obtained at the Faculty);
  • two photographs 4X6 cm;
  • proof of payment of the examination fee (the amount will be posted on the website and the notice board of the Faculty);
  • proof of payment of the scholarship for the self-financing students for the school-year 208/2009;
  • proof of payment of the health insurance (paid by the budget students).

If a candidate that has gained the right to be enrolled does not enroll within the specified period, the Faculty will enroll the next candidate on the list.

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