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Core Activity and Affiliation
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Core Activity and Affiliation
The Faculty of Security Studies is a graduate-level member institution of the University of Belgrade and belongs to the group of the humanities faculties.
By its syllabus and curriculum, the Faculty covers interrelated philosophical, sociological, political, legal, economic, psychological, ethical, humanitarian, civilian-military, and other aspects of the security studies, human and social resources, defense, civil defense and environment protection.
Within its core activity – the security studies, the Faculty offers basic academic and undergraduate studies, Master degree studies, doctoral, and specialist undergraduate studies, as well as professional training and education.
The Faculty carries out basic scholarly, applied and development research and has been accredited as a scholarly institution by the Ministry for Science and Environment of the Republic of Serbia.

The Faculty of security Studies evolved from the Institute, later Section, for National Defense of the Natural Sciences and Mathematics Faculty, University of Belgrade, in the school year of 1975/76.
In October 1978, the Section for National Defense divided from the Natural Sciences and Mathematics Faculty and grew into an independent university-level educational and scientific institution – the Faculty of People’s Defense. To build upon and keep abreast of scientific achievements in the field of defense, protection and security, the Syllabus and Curriculum of the Faculty was renewed and its name was changed into the Faculty of Defense and Protection of the University of Belgrade, and then changed again into the Faculty of Civil Defense in the school year of 1990/1991.
As of May 2006, the official name of the Faculty is the Faculty of Security Studies, University of Belgrade.

The Faculty has had intensive cooperation with national and international institutions, as well as numerous business organizations. Based on agreements on scientific and technical cooperation, diverse educational and commercial programs have been implemented.
Among others, we highlight the following partners:

International and National Academic Institutions and Professional Organizations:
– West Point, USA
– Institute for World Politics, Washington, USA
– Interdisciplinary Center of Herlizia, Tel Aviv, Israel
– International Strategic Studies Association (ISSA), USA
– Center for Peace Studies, University of Tromsø, Norway
– Universiteit Gent, Faculteit Rechotsgeleerdheid, Holland
– Institute for Environment and Human Security United Nations University, Germany
– Center for Security and Defense Studies Public Benefit Foundation (CSDS), Hungary
– Center for Geostrategic Research, Banja Luka
– Филозофски факултет, Институт за одбранбени и мировни студии, Скопје
– Универзитет „Св. Кирил и Методиј“, Филозофски факултет, Скопје
– University of Belgrade, Philosophy Faculty
– University of Belgrade, Law School
– University of Belgrade, Teaching Faculty
– University of Belgrade, Agriculture Faculty
– University of Belgrade, Forestry Faculty
– Criminalistics and Police Academy, Belgrade
– Institute for Modern History, Belgrade

State Agencies, Social Communities, Companies and NGOs:
– Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia
– Ministry of Education and Sports of the Republic of Serbia
– Ministry of Justice, Administration for Execution of Institutional Sanctions of the County Prison in Belgrade
– Ministry of Science and Environment Protection of the Republic of Serbia
– City Institute for Health Care, Belgrade
– Republic Seismology Institute
– Republic Hydrometeorology Institute
– Association of Defendologists of the Republic Srpska, Banja Luka
– Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic Srpska, Administration for Police Education
– Undergraduate School for Internal Affairs, Banja Luka
– Palilula Municipal Authority
– Prokuplje Municipal Authority
– InÄ‘ija Municipal Authority
– Fund for Open Society, Belgrade
– Alumni Association of the George Marshall Center, Serbia
– Jugoimport SDPR company, Belgrade
– Soko-Nada Štark company, Belgrade
– Belgrade Fair, Belgrade
– Milan Blagojević – namenska, Lučani
– Mining and Smelting Basin Bor Group – RTB Bor d.o.o., Bor

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