Master’s Degree Studies

Master’s degree studies are available to those applicants who have completed an undergraduate degree consisting of at least 240 ECTS credits.

Graduates of the Faculty of Security Studies or one of the affiliated faculties with an average grade of 8 (eight) can enrol directly. Graduates from the Faculty of Security Studies have priority over students from other institutions.

Affiliated faculties include all faculties of the University of Belgrade from the group of social sciences and the humanities (the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Political Sciences, the Teacher Education Faculty, the Faculty of Philosophy, the Faculty of Philology and the Faculty of Orthodox Theology) as well as two other higher education institutions: the Academy of Criminalistic and Police Studies and the Military Academy.

The master’s degree study programme consists of an outline of compulsory and elective courses which provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to complete a master’s degree.

Our security management master’s programme is aimed at enabling students to conduct research independently and participate in team research projects in the fields studied at the Faculty. The programme develops students’ general and specific knowledge, competences and skills needed to independently work as security managers in security studies, defence, human and social resources and civil and environmental protection. It is a multidisciplinary programme, which examines economic, political, legal, ethical, IT-related, ecological, humanitarian and other aspects in the study of security phenomena.

The programme comprises:

  •  four compulsory courses
  •  two elective courses
  •  an adequate number of research hours

Once they pass the required exams, students write and defend their master’s thesis.