Security Studies


Security Studies Department


      Tenured Professors

·         Radomir Milašinović, PhD, Professor

·         Ivana Simović-Hiber, PhD, Professor

·         Zoran Keković, PhD, Professor

·         Ivica Radović, PhD, Professor

·         Zoran Dragišić, PhD, Associate Professor

·         Ivica ĐorÄ‘ević, PhD, Assistant Professor

·         Ana Kovačević , PhD, Assistant Professor

        Goran Mandić, PhD, Assistant Professor

        Svetlana Stanarević, PhD, Assistant Professor

        Nenad Putnik, PhD, Assistant Professor

        Kristina Radojević, PhD, Assistant Professor

      Contract Professors

·         Ljubomir Stajić, PhD, Professor

·         Božidar Banović, PhD, Assistant Professor



      Courses in Basic Academic and Undergraduate Studies

  • Basics of Security
  • Conflict Theories
  • Security Systems
  • Security Management
  • Information Science
  • Security and Protection Systems
  • Information Security
  • Terrorism and Organized Crime
  • Human Security
  • Economic Bases of Security
  • Victimology and Penology
  • Criminal Adjective Law
  • Criminology

Courses in postgraduate – MA – studies

  • Security Doctrines and Comparative Systems
  • Serbian Security System
  • National and Human Security Management

Courses in Doctoral Studies

  • Contemporary Theoretic Approaches to Security Studies
  • Studies in Security Policies and Strategies
  • Communicational Aspects of Security

      Courses in Specialist Studies

  • Terrorism as a Security Threat and Counter-Terrorist Management
  • Designing and Implementation of Personal, Property and Corporate Security and Protection Systems
  • The System for the Protection of Banks, Post Offices and Other Financial Institutions
  • The System for the Protection of Legal Persons Engaged in Manufacturing, Sales and Services
  • The System for the Protection of the Transport of Money, Gold, Cultural Goods, and Other Valuable Items
  • Defense from Terrorism – Actions and Operations
  • Religion and Terrorism
  • Terrorism and Information Science


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