New study program in vocational studies – Security Risks Assessment



(Title obtained: specialist for security risks assessment)

Obligatory module:

  1. Sociology of the risks
  2. Law and Corporate Security
  3. Decision making process in crisis situations
  4. Risk management system

Additional qualification: internal auditor of the integrated management system and / or management representative for management systems

Elective modules:

The student chooses one module with all the subjects in it.

Module 1: Security Risk Management

  1. Risk assessment and planning in corporate / private security
  2. Business continuity in Industry and Organizations
  3. Social communication networks in crisis and disaster management

Additional qualification: certified security risk management expert

Module 2: Occupational Safety and Environment

  1. Environmental safety regulatory framework
  2. Safety and health at work
  3. Health, safety and security risks

Additional qualification: certified expert in occupational safety and environmental safety

Module 3: Personal and Business Security

  1. Security risk assessment in ICT systems
  2. Protection of personal data
  3. Protection of classified information, business secrets and fight against corruption

Additional qualification: certified IT Security expert / Data Protection Officer / GDPR Practitioner / internal auditor of the ISO 27000 system

Module 4: Risk in Engineering – Inspection Approach

  1. Introduction to risk management
  2. Risk management of pressure vessels
  3. Risk assessments in inspection supervision

Additional qualification: Internal auditor of the integrated management system / or Management representative for management systems and Certified expert for risk management of pressure vessels and risk assessment in inspection supervision

Module 5: Qualitative and quantitative approaches to risk management

  1. Risk management methods
  2. Measuring the performance of sustainability and techno-economic assessment of risky projects
  3. Business communication and management of intercultural differences

Additional qualification: Certified expert for the application of ISO 31010 risk management methods and / or Certified expert for the development of own feasibility studies of projects, as well as in the critical evaluation of feasibility studies of risky projects, submitted by consultants.

Additional qualification: Through specialist studies, the Faculty prepares for the additional qualification, recognized on the labor market, with the company TMS, which issues the certificate. The costs of preparation are included in the price of tuition, while a separate cost of taking the certificate is borne by the students.